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Writing is a great way for women to vent their feelings, organize their thoughts, become creative, and even start a freelance career. The health benefits for women are numerous: psychologically, women benefit from releasing their emotions, especially in a creative way like writing; expressed emotions benefit women by lowering their blood pressure, lowering stress levels, and aiding in digestion and circulation; and women reap the overall rewards of better physical health.

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To reap the health benefits of writing, a woman does not need to be a professional wordsmith. There are various ways to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and start expressing oneself. For those with greater writing ambitions, trying one of the last two ideas could prove to be emotionally satisfying as well as lucrative:


The easiest way to start self-expressing is to begin a journal. Journals are pretty much for anyone: women, men, teens, and children. Anybody who can write can keep a journal. Girls often start diaries because they’re fun to lock, and it’s exciting to keep secret thoughts from everyone else. Later, teen girls and young adults enjoy venting their angst (about school, guys, parents, friends, and so on.) As adults, women can use this type of writing to vent, organize goals, or record memories. It’s fun and emotionally therapeutic to look back on old situations that seemed so difficult at the time.

Journals can be written in any type of notebook or diary, or typed and saved into a computer program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office.


Blogging, short for web logging, is a type of writing that introduces a journal to the world wide web. This type of writing is not for the faint of heart: unlike a personal journal, a blog can be found on the internet and be read by millions of people. Oftentimes, women write about issues such as health conditions, parenting, or politics. Blogs can also be more personal in nature.

A great way to start blogging is to join Blogger (free of charge.)

Website Writing

A form of non-fiction writing to consider is writing for a website. Women can choose from various types of sites that take submissions for all sorts of topics: health, travel, literature, motherhood, horticulture, teaching, local news, and so on. Writing can be ongoing or on a contributing basis. This is a great way for women to express their knowledge about specific topics or write about many diverse topics.

Some sites, such as Suite101, offer a share of advertising revenue to writers.

Newspaper and Magazine Writing

For more determined females, the prospect of writing for print media is alluring. With good writing skills and a knack for meeting deadlines, newspaper journalism can be very exciting. Local newspapers are the easiest to write for and offer the best opportunities for novices. For women interested in writing for magazines, a good way to break in is to start with regional publications and gain some good writing clips for bigger opportunities.

An excellent source for print media opportunities and tips is the 2008 Writer’s Market.

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