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Support Stories

Women often find that having a number of support options is the best way to get the support they need. This may include having a good health care practitioner (either a medical practitioner and/or a practitioner of complementary medicine), friends and other women going through similar things.

Not everyone you speak to will necessarily provide the support you want. It is important to remember you have the right to receive it and if your first attempt at getting support is not right for you – keep searching until you find what you are looking for.

“I think it is important to not see menopause as a medical disease.
It is a normal life experience. Sometimes the way it is talked about it seems that it we are moving from the “normal” life into the “abnormal after-life”. That is not true.

We have to breakdown the stereotypes of menopause and view it outside of the box of “signs and symptoms”. It is a normal part of a normal life.
We have to recognise that it is a transitional stage. We may have difficulties while we are in this transition and we may need help so that we can feel not alone and confident in our futures.”

“I go to two doctors, one who knows my medical history and is good for certain diseases and operations etc; more clinical care. I go to the other doctor for women’s health and mental health.”

“My partner thinks the solution is easy. He thinks I should just go on HRT. I have been involved in a “Healthy Living Women’s Group” and that has been fantastic. We have been able to discuss openly our feelings within the group”

“I was very fortunate when I came into menopause. I was studying a Psychotherapy course and as part of the course you had to undertake your own therapy. That really helped me to feel OK in myself.

“Through that course I found a woman friend who is a similar age and having similar experiences. I feel that women must find someone with whom they can share these things with.”

“I found that even though I would ask if my signs and symptoms could be related to menopause none of my health care providers (medical and alternative) would even talk about it with me. I thought that was funny because I was 45 years old. They thought I was another crazy woman because menopause starts in your 50’s.

Then a friend said to me “You know these things you are talking about – feeling very emotionally unstable, foggy headed – these things can be symptoms of menopause.

I felt such a relief. Initially I found that lots of my women friends didn’t actually want to acknowledge what was happening to me. If it was happening to me then perhaps it was about to happen to them. I have continued to talk about it and have been able to get some help from my Chinese Medical Practitioner.

Now I am finding that my friends are all starting to talk about the changes they are experiencing. It’s great because I thought I was going crazy and I felt so alone.”

“I started talking about menopause at work the other day and some of the other women, about my age, said “Hey don’t put us in THAT category” as if it is a bad thing to be there.”

“I have been having chemotherapy for breast cancer. As a consequence I have gone through menopause. I wanted to talk with my cancer doctor about it. I wanted to know what he thought, I didn’t want to be sent somewhere else to deal with “that part of me”.

“The thing that was the most un-supportive part of my whole experience was having my doctor tell me “You’re alright there is nothing to worry about. I didn’t feel all-right and that was worrying me.”

“The thing that hindered me the most when I was trying to work out what to do was my GP’s attitude towards women and menopause in general and the controversy over HRT”

Please note: these stories are of a personal nature written by individuals experiencing menopasue and with their express permission. The Foundation takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content, or any of the actions, experiences or concepts described by the writer; nor does it necessarily endorse or recommend any of the treatments, products or services that may be referred to. If you are concerned about your health in any way it is advisable that you speak to a health practitioner.

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