Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Emotional wellbeing is all about how you see yourself, your roles and the goals you may have in life. Issues relevant to wellbeing unfold at every stage in life from childhood to midlife and beyond.

Coping with your emotions during the many changing phases of life is not a simple process. Relationships need support and development, along with coping with the every day stresses and strains in the challenges of life.

Good Emotional Health

  • Take time out for yourself. By nurturing yourself you’ll have the emotional energy to do other things you need to do. Recognise the things in your life that recharge you and ensure you do them regularly. A deep relaxing breath or a positive affirmation takes only a second. Go for a walk with a friend, make time for a chat with a friend, sit in the park, go to a movie, prepare a relaxing bubble bath, book a facial or manicure, or make time to do whatever you want to do.
  • Think about your inner voice – what messages is it sending? Women whose internal dialogue is overly critical, perfectionistic, depressed or anxious will report reduced functioning than those who have learnt to support and encourage themselves.
  • Do a regular emotional audit. Is there an issue that has been on your mind? Do you have a management plan? What can you do and how can others assist you? Take time out to think about what is going on in your life and how you can best manage it.
  • Women who have a role or a number of roles say they feel good about themselves, have less illness and are more satisfied with their lives. Think about your own role/s. Is there a good balance?
  • Talk to a psychologist if you need help managing difficult situations in your life.


  • Body Image – Body image is the way we think, feel and picture our body. From childhood through adolescence and on to adulthood, body image changes.
  • Culture – The culture in which you live may impact on your experience of menopause just as it may determine your lifestyle to a large extent.
  • Depression & Anxiety – Many theories have debated the link between hormones and depression.
  • Relationships – Many women express mixed feelings about the relationship they have with their partner.
  • Self Esteem – Self esteem is what we believe and feel about ourselves and the way we evaluate ourselves.
  • Stress – Stress occurs when we feel threatened or cannot cope with a situation.
  • Testosterone – Testosterone and other related hormones in the body (also known as androgens) play important physiological roles in women.
  • Wellbeing – There are many psychological, social and cultural factors that can also influence our experience of menopause.

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