Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

This article is a truncated, yet genteel exegesis to and for all men attempting to declassify the female psyche.

As the great philosophical Empiricist John Locke would argue, everything must be derived from experience and so to attempt to jauntily accentuate the female wonderings and musings it is necessary to go deep into the soul.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

Of paramount importance is the ability to make the woman feel comfortable. Seems obvious perhaps, however, this is not always the case! Time and time again men fall into the trap of putting the opposite gender in a position they feel too alien in. If the woman is quite reserved do not take her out to a booming night scene, likewise, if she is more extroverted ensure that all that inner-energy can be released constructively.

Never touch a woman unless she explicitly or indirectly gives the man permission to and certainly do not attempt to posses them.

There is nothing a woman hates more than a man who tries to control her – those types who insist on driving them anywhere and everywhere when they can walk with their mates, or those who constantly ring them up seeking to cow the other half. Men, relax! She is fine and she does not need a dummy!

Give Moderate Praise to Women

Of other significance is excessive praise. If a woman is relatively good-looking, do not praise her looks. She has heard it all before thus it comes across as churlish and lacking in ideas. Beauty is, like suffering, a subjective thing. The most beautiful looking girls can never be secure in their beauty as they constantly compare themselves with other females. A girl praising another girl’s looks is much more powerful than a man praising a girl’s looks!

Women Want a Sense of Adventure

Women also seem to want to be put on edge. They need a sense of adventure with a man, a feeling of “something different” to what she has grown up to and known. Attraction is illogical and so the man must do illogical things – within the realms of sanity!

For example, men everywhere, ensure that whilst in a lavish department store with her, put her on edge. Pose with schmancy clothes; get her to take photographs as a pair, and more pertinently of herself in front of the watching people! Although some women are shy to such things, they will do so only if they feel comfortable in and around the man’s presence.

Women Need a Good Listener

It goes without saying that women want a man who can listen to them, who is sensitive enough not to laugh and at the same time women want men who they feel can make sense of all their issues. So men everywhere need be good listeners and have a great memory! Women love men who can remember the finest details such as why her favourite colour is red, what school she went to, her first kiss and why she hates her uncle’s wife’s sister!

Lastly, men everywhere ought to remember Carl Jung’s theory of the “archetype”. This postulates that deep in the collective unconscious lies the notion of an “archetype”. The archetype reflects a psychological need and women everywhere need something or someone in their lives to fulfill the role of nurturing them and providing them with comfort in times of stress.

Things for Singles, People Looking for Serious Relationships to Remember

Quite simply, women desire men more than they care to admit and so seek to find one who mirrors and then absorbs all their fears, insecurities, ambitions, views, aspirations, catharsis and zaniness!

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