Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

esteemSelf esteem is what we believe and feel about ourselves and the way we evaluate ourselves. It may be built on our roles and relationships, our body image, and our feelings about health. Self esteem can be based on the perceptions that other people have of us, as well as our own view of ourselves. It is learned and comes from childhood, friends, family, as well as our comparisons with others and life experiences.

People who have high self esteem focus on their achievements and successes, while people who have low self esteem tend to focus more on their failures.

If women going through menopause have low self esteem they are often more vulnerable to depressed feelings, anxious thoughts and increased health problems.

Improving Self Esteem

Some ways to improve self esteem can include:

  • Challenging unreasonable expectations you may have of yourself
  • Taking time to do something you really want to do just for you, that is, to be SELF-ish
  • Participating in lifestyle courses
  • Identify achievements and focus on these more than perceived failures

Take some time for yourself and review your lifestyle and relationships.

Understand and evaluate your situation as abusive relationships – physical, emotional, financial, mental and/or social can lead to loss of self esteem.

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