Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Escaping from the stress and strain of the daily routine has a positive influence on the health and wellbeing of both women and men.

Taking some time for yourself by simply reading a book or magazine, taking a long bath, gardening, enjoying beauty care “rituals” (such as getting your hair or nails done), and participating in a hobby or recreation are all marvellous forms of relaxation.

Personal pleasures

Every day do something that you enjoy like reading, listening to music, gardening and sewing.

Aromatherapy, Tai chi, a warm bath, sauna or spa to relax your body, meditate or pray.


Laughter produces endorphins in the body which help you relax and feel good about yourself.

  • Bring laughter into your life by being with friends who have a good sense of humour, and watching comedy shows.

Positive thinking

Practice pushing away negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts – and enjoy the relaxing effect.

  • Negativity – for example ‘I fail more times than I get it right’. Try and catch yourself when you think in this unhelpful way and challenge yourself
    ‘I do get things right sometimes’.

Physical activity

Physical activity decreases muscle tension and improves concentration and self esteem.


Walking is simple and effective, and particularly appropriate if you are starting an physical activity program.


This can be a simple hand or neck massage by a partner or friend.


Indulge yourself occasionally or regularly with a body massage from a professional masseur.


There are many forms of yoga, some more physical than others.

The focus, here  is on the combination of meditation with body stretches and gentle physical activity.


Mediation requires practice.

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet environment.
  • Breathe deeply and close your eyes.
  • Focus on a word, chant or image and push away all the day-to-day thoughts intruding into your mind.
  • 15 to 20 minutes daily promotes an inner calmness.

Consider attending meditation classes.

Relaxation exercises

These exercises include tensing and then relaxing each limb in turn, then your torso and face.

  • Sit down in a comfortable chair or better still lie down on your back.
  • Think about your toes – concentrate on them and wiggle them then relax them.
  • Slowly move your mind to your legs – first the left leg, tense and relax and then the right leg, tense and relax.
  • Same with each arm – tense and relax.
  • Think about your breathing, take some deep breaths then fully exhale and breathe gently and relax.
  • Move your mind now to your head and tense up your facial muscles then relax. Clear your mind.

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