Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

There is a definite and clear link between health and physical activity. But if you are not into organised sport what can you do? As long as you manage to undertake some physical activity of at least 30 minutes a day you will reap the health rewards.


There is also a clear link to improved health in anyone who has good links and support in the community. Being part of a family is great for support but for those of you without immediate family life can be a challenge.

Your local council or community health centre is a great place to begin to find groups with various activities that may interest you and that you might enjoy.

Such activities may include:

  • Reading groups
  • Craftwork, sewing or cooking groups
  • Cards, chess or other and board games
  • Activities such as painting, writing or computing
  • Bird watchers or
  • Friends of parks and gardens groups.